Our communities should be safe and healthy places to live and work. We need to expand mental health services and health care for San Francisco’s most vulnerable populations. Having healthy communities also means ensuring safe streets. Adding more beat cops may help in the short term, but we need to address the root causes of poverty and crime, and foster culturally competent community policing. Read more...


San Francisco’s greatest economic asset is our small business community. Supporting small business owners means removing red tape, limiting chain stores, and helping small businesses develop. It means creating living wage jobs and worker-owned cooperatives. Big development schemes rarely end up benefiting anyone other than the 1%. San Francisco should receive substantial community benefits from major developments, not become a luxury resort for the rich. Read more...


San Francisco should be a place where anyone can afford to live. Today, we are relying on paltry handouts from big developers to construct affordable housing units. It’s a tale of two cities—a playground for the ultra rich, and insufficient housing for the rest of us. We need to preserve rent controlled housing, expand tenant protections, and dedicate funding sources for affordable rental housing and homebuyer assistance. Read more...


Moderate-income and working poor families should not be forced to migrate out of San Francisco. Family flight from San Francisco is a result of high cost of living, lack of safe outdoor areas, lack of safety on MUNI, as well as school assignment and quality. San Francisco needs to become more family friendly by providing quality affordable childcare, family support services and improving public education. Read more...


Our city should be at the vanguard of sustainable design. Green building, urban agriculture, and locally sourced healthy food should be the norm here. San Francisco should be a city with ample, well maintained parks and open spaces, where bikes outnumber cars, and where MUNI runs on time. We should be at the forefront of developing climate solutions. Reducing carbon emissions, creating green jobs, and developing a 100% renewable energy infrastructure must be a top priority. Read more...


San Francisco should be a safe place to ride a bike. We support the City's goal of 20% of trips in San Francisco to be made by bicycle by 2020. We need innovative approaches to make our streets safer: visible crosswalks, bike parking, enhanced transit connections, protected bike lanes, and implementing a successful Bike-Share program! 



 Download our Bike Zine below to see how the car-free candidate intends to make our streets safer!



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Julian Davis for Supervisor 2012